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Amazing doctor, did my left shoulder and from the first appointment until surgery he was amazing .

~ By - R.P

I had my hip arthroscopy in 2010....I am back to running and currently training for my first Ultra
marathon and feeling great!!! Thanks to Dr. Mauricio Herrera.

~ By - Danielle

You have Doctors & Surgeons at large and then within the "Doctor's Ring of Honor" stands Dr. Mauricio Herrera humble but magnanimous name that is etched along side the few who honor and respect their profession to the letter of the word!

You might wait a minute at Dr. Herrera's office but ALL his patients are given their 15 minutes of fame and by the time you leave all your anguishes are gone and you have a pristine understanding of what your condition is including the best approach to your specific needs and your true recovery time in case of surgery such as in my case.

Due to being a week end warrior, my hip had a bit of work to be done to be restored to its God intended ways … My surgery was but an ephemeral blip as an outpatient, however, it was during my physical therapy that I truly understood how awesome Dr. Herrera's work really was as some of the other patients with hip surgery of lesser impact within the similar age groups were faring … as they were in awe at my rate of rehabilitation vs theirs for which I would proudly quip: " Dr. Herrera was NOT your surgeon and in there lies the difference!"

Needless to say that everyone one at that physical therapist office were amazed and took note of his name as Dr. Herrera also specializes in shoulders and knee!

Ode to Dr. Herrera for his decorum, bedside manner and magnanimous knowledge of sports medicine!

~ By - G.O

hired Mauricio as a Doctor in 2010, and hired Mauricio more than once "After a mountain biking accident I injured my shoulder. I asked my niece who is an emergency room doctor who she would recommend. She checked with other doctors and I was given Mauricio's name. His office was an hour away but I went anyway. Once I went to physical therapy several weeks after the surgery I discovered just how good the surgery was. In a physical therapy evaluation they found that I had no problems with range of motion or pain. Everyone at the physical therapy office asked me what doctor did this surgery; they were all amazed.

Thanks Dr. Herrera!

~ By - R.G

I visited Dr. Herrera in hopes that someone could actually tell me what I had done to my knee. I had seen about six other orthopedists before I came to him, and they all suggested I have these crazy surgeries.

Thankfully, I didn't listen to any of them. Dr. Herrera took a look at my MRI (as all the others had done before) and knew exactly what the problem was. We scheduled my surgery, and I ran my first half marathon in January of 2012. Thank you, Dr. Herrera once again for bringing me back to my active lifestyle. I tell everyone I know who has knee problems to go see you.

~ By - C.I

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